Tuesday, August 29, 2006

From A Distance

It was February of this year when cancer claimed my mother. I watched her go through her ordeal for almost three years. Mother was always amazing in her strength facing lifes everyday burdens, but in this she was truly the rock that I anchored too.

Too many Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers face a similar fate and I am saddened that a non-destructive cure hasn't already been found to fight this modern day demon. Please, help support Cancer research by donating to the American Cancer Society so one day all of us may be able to look on this disease as a thing of the past.

In Honor Of My Mother!

From a Distance

From a distance I look and see
A woman with a tender heart watching over me
She smiles and I find what I most desire to be
A man of strength that can make my own fears flee

Hers is a world I have never had
I watch from a distance, far away and sad
She is untouchable now; that makes me mad
Her remembered smile makes me happy; that makes me glad

But for the touch of time
I would rush there and make her world mine
Tell her the things I feel; that would be fine
Alas, I miss her; I sit here and pine

I watch from a distance; what do I see
A lady in white smiling back at me
Showing me glory that will one day be
I call out to her; "Go now Lady, Move forward and fly free."

Copyright © 2006 All Rights Reserved

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day Tribute

Throughout my life, I have been witness to one conflict after another around the world. Today the thought hit me that I, like many others, have taken for granted the men and women that were involved in those conflicts and sacrificed lives, health and sanity in the process.

Whether those men and women were our Fathers, Mothers, Sons or Daughters matters not. They fulfilled a duty to God, Country and Family they felt was overwhelmingly important to each of them. Some paid the ultimate price and others returned with a sense of loss that, despite moving on with building families and lives after the battles were over, is a continuing payment for defending the values taught them as children.

From the foot soldier to our military's top commanders, whether drafted, enlisted or Reserve Regulars, these American men and women continue to face the ugliness of military action and service for all of us. This is my "Thank You" for that service and sacrifice.

"Old Soldiers"

From Antietiam to the sands of Iraq
The Standard held high there and back
Honor is gained as they man their post
Some giving a little; Some giving the most

Valley Forge, Omaha Beach or The Wilderness Trails
Bearing the weight, no room to fail
The badges are different; The objective the same
Gallant Heroes all, no matter their name

Living and dying in jungles, forest or sand
Our Brothers and Sisters make the ultimate stand
Preserving our Freedom while sacrificing their own
Two hundred years of safety this country has known

From a Fortress in France to a hilltop in 'Nam
Facing demons of battle or 'tween war calm
All have a story depicting a determined force
Of friends as they fell, Of themselves bearing the torch

Army and Navy, Marines and the Guard
Look around and you can see them, still working hard
New faces have joined in protecting the Land Of The Free
Old Soldiers in the making; Fighting for you and for me!

Copyright © 2006 All Rights Reserved

To my Father: L.G. Croom (deceased), Pvt. 11th. Airborne 1945-1946
"He served his country and came home only to carry his burden till the Lord called him!"