Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Trials and Tribulations

What No Publisher?

As most of you know already, Forbidden Publications has shut down. That leaves myself, and a lot of other writers to make hard decisions. A great majority of authors in the Forbidden stable were published in other markets and with other publishers; those hard working ladies and gentlemen will carry on without too many problems. It's a totally different story for others though; as you will see shortly.

In this craft, time and experience is a giant portion of ones ability to catch the eye of agents and publishers; whether they are involved with E-Publishing or the much sought after "Brick and Mortar" houses. It is as important, in many cases, as our skills as writers and the quality of our prose. The first thing that an Acquisitions Editor will see in a query will be a definite shortage of credits, and sales that were not all that great. Publishing is a numbers game and publishers are in business to support and market entertainment to readers that will raise the bottom line. That will often lead to a jaded view of any manuscript offered for review.

Now that is not necessarily a bad thing. A closer inspection of ones work will, in many cases, make strong points stand out as boldly as weak points in writing. Personally, I would want more than a cursory glance at any piece I submit before a decision is made. But, what of those that were still in the formative stage? Great plots do not just happen. Writing is a progressive, step by step, journey. You see, with every edit and rejection comes lessons learned that slowly make a writer better.


So, I and a lot of others need to find a new home for our work. It will not be short process. Some will remain in the realm of E-Pubs and some will take a shot at landing an agent and attempt to entice a New York publishing house to review their wares in hopes of breaking into the "Big League". And some will walk their books door to door as 'Self-Published' authors.

I haven't decided what I will do yet. I still add to stories that compel me. I chase my muse around the room in a frenetic frenzy when she comes whispering in my ear about a new idea or plot. I drink pots of coffee and burn the lights at home 'till early into each weekend morning. I am back at the stage of procrastination. I know I have a decision to make, yet I know I will not stop writing. So, what will I do now? Only time will tell.

I'm A.C. Croom, and I WRITE!