Friday, January 07, 2011


Launch Chat For Delta Trails

Delta Trails (Novel, Historical Romance)

Hello all,

My novel "Delta Trails" went live on the EP website at midnight

and I will be part of the January 7th Launch Chat tonight at 6:30PM

Central Standard Time in the Eternal Press Chat Room. I hope to see some of you

there as I offer an excerpt and try my best to answer your questions.

The link to the EP Chat Room is

Let the chat room page load

You will see a login frame

Type your name in user box

Hit login button (no password needed)

Here is the Blurb for Delta Trails:

Elation at being home after three years quickly turns to anger and then

frustration as Nate Parker pursues the fiends that have taken his fiancé. The

year long search along Delta Trails leads him into danger that he gladly faces

as retribution for the wrongs done to himself and his neighbors.

When the final showdown comes he and others put their lives on the line to

eliminate a well organized gang of criminals preying upon the people of the

south that have been left little enough after five years of constant warfare. In

the end, Justice wins out.

But, Nate has other battles to fight; those of a more personal nature. He has to

decide if he wants to remain what he has become or go back to the life his

parents raised him to lead.

I feel honored to become part of the Eternal Press family and look forward to a

long relationship with the company. (insert prayer here)

I'm A.C. Croom, and I write!

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